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Monday, June 8, 2020

All lives don't matter: If you think they do, then you ain't woke

Julia Lea, captain of a Mardis Gras parade group, was denounced recently by her group's members for posting a social media message that said "All Lives Matter."  

Some group members claimed Lea's statement was insensitive, coming so soon after the death of George Floyd, a black man who was killed by a police officer on Memorial Day. Lea apologized, explaining she did not know some people would be upset by the phrase, but dozens of group members refused to accept her explanation and resigned from the group.

"As a former police officer and a leader, we don't believe that you didn't know the meaning of these statements and why they are offensive to the Black community and its allies," protesting members said in an open letter. "A leader like you, in a predominantly black city, has no excuse to be that ignorant. This racist statement does not represent us."

Essentially, Lea was condemned by her colleagues for being insufficiently "woke." She didn't know that the phrase "All lives matter" would be interpreted as a racist expression.

Moreover, her unfortunate remark is flat wrong. All lives don't matter: and Lea, a former police officer, should have known that.

First of all, police officers' lives don't matter, at least not this week. Two black police officers were murdered shortly after Floyd's death. Another officer was stabbed in the neck, and nearly 300 NYPD cops have been injured on the job, mostly by thrown bricks and bottles.  But to say "blue lives matter" could be interpreted as an atrocious racist slur. So, for God's sake, don't come to the defense of the police, or you'll be written off as a racist son of a bitch.

According to the CDC, more than 70,000 Americans died in 2017 from opioid overdoses. In fact, since 1999, about three-quarters of a million people have died from drug overdoses. You don't see anyone throwing bricks about that tragic statistic.  No buildings have been looted or burned. Why? Because people who die from drug overdoses don't matter.

Then there are the millions of unborn babies who have been aborted since Roe v. Wade--so many millions we've basically stopped counting.  Hardly anyone is alarmed by those numbers apart from a few Catholics and deranged pro-life activists. And that's as it should be because, as all woke Americans know, unborn babies don't matter. 

So--if you are unwoke and wish to be woke, you can start by repressing any urge to say all lives matter. You might be branded as a racist if you say that right now, and, in any event, it ain't true.

Photo credit: Boston Globe