Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Press on, Press on, boys!" Alan DiCara: Welcome to the fight!

Press on, Press on, boys!
                                         George Washington, December 26, 1776
 A few years ago, I read David Hackett Fischer's Washington's Crossing, the story of  General George Washington's famous Delaware Valley campaign in December 1776. I found myself wondering why anyone stayed in Washington's army during that bleak winter and why anyone would get in a boat to cross the Delaware River to face the Hessians, the British Empire's hired killers. The weather was bitter cold, and some of Washington's men died from exposure.

But somehow, a few brave men stuck it out with George Washington, and the Continental Army won an important victory that heartened a new nation in its struggle for independence.

I would not compare the battle for student-loan reform to Washington's crossing of the Delaware, but I am surprised how few people have raised their voices in protest at the ruthless exploitation of college students by the higher education industry--exploitation made possible by a corrupt and mismanaged federal student loan program.

Thus, I was heartened to hear from Alan DiCara of Winsted, Connecticut, who has launched his own blog about the student-loan crisis called Student Loan Action Group. Welcome to the fight, Alan.

 I encourage my readers to check out Alan's web site at:

And, as General Washington said to his troops on December 26, 1776: "Press on, Press on, boys!"

"Press on, Press on, boys!"


David Hackett Fischer. Washington's Crossing. New York: Oxford University Press, 2004.

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