Saturday, January 13, 2024

Our Year for Living Dangerously: 2024 Predictions and Premonitions from Flyover Country

 In late December or early January, pundits and commentators make predictions for the new year. This year, I’m going to join in that tradition from my home on Lake Mary in Southern Mississippi.

I’m making three predictions for 2024. I’m also sharing three premonitions about the coming year. I feel certain that my 2024 predictions will come true. I hope my premonitions will not come true, but I fear they will.


Prediction number one: Joe Biden won’t be the Democratic nominee for President in 2024.


I agree with James Howard Kunstler that Joe Biden will not be on the ballot for the presidential election in November. Biden will participate in most primaries, and he will easily collect enough delegates to capture the Democratic Party’s 2024 presidential nomination, but someonne else will be the Democratic Party's nominee.

As Kunstler has suggested, I think Biden will disclose that he has a serious medical condition sometime next summer. For the good of the country, he will say, he is stepping down from the presidential race and releasing his delegates to someone else.

Who will that person be? I don’t know and you don’t know, but someone living on Martha’s Vineyard knows. The Democratic nominee won’t be a person who participated in the Democratic primaries. After Biden steps aside, the Democratic Party’s Super Delegates will nominate someone who skipped the primaries. Credible speculation says it will be Michelle Obama.


The mainstream media pretends that Biden is a serious candidate for another term as President, but no one believes that. His declining health is evident to everyone. Biden has some sort of cognitive disability, which is steadily getting worse. 

Moreover, the Republicans are finding evidence that the Biden family took bribes from foreign countries and stashed the money in offshore bank accounts. If substantiated, those charges could led to an  impeahment trial during Biden's second term. 


I think Biden will pardon himself and his entire family (including his grandchildren) before leaving office. He will then shuffle off the world stage and live the remainder of his days in an opulent and secure memory care facility. 


Prediction number two: Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for President in November. 


Within weeks, the Supreme Court will overrule decisions by various state officials to keep Trump off the presidential ballot for allegedly participating in an insurrection. You can take that to the bank.


Trump is also facing criminal charges in various jurisdictions. I think he will beat those charges. Alternatively, any convictions against him will be overturned by the appellate courts.


Thus, Trump will be the Republican nominee for president, and he will face an opponent chosen by the Democratic Party’s Super Delegates.


Prediction number three: Americans will regret our involvement in the Ukraine war.


Ukraine is losing its war with Russia. It will never regain the Donbas or reoccupy Crimea. Meanwhile, the NATO countries are more and more ambivalent about their support for Ukraine. Russia has the stamina for siege warfare and prolonged fighting. The western nations do not.


Eventually, Ukraine and Russia must reach a settlement, and that settlement will require Ukraine to give up some territory. The longer the West waits before coming to that conclusion, the more people will die in this foolish and unnecessary war.


Now here are my premonitions for 2024—premonitions I hope will not come to pass.


Premonition number one: Urban violence. I fear an outbreak of violence in our cities during the summer of 2024, which will peak during the Republican and Democratic Party conventions. I also fear anti-Israel protests will become larger and more disruptive and will invite more violence.


Premonition number two. Rampant inflation. In spite of our government’s effort to deceive the American people, inflation in this country is out of control and is getting worse. In particular, the rising cost of food and housing will cause millions of Americans to suffer before the year is out. 


Premonition number three: Terrorists will cross our southern border and kill hundreds of Americans.


Illegal immigrants are entering the United States at the rate of 10,000 people a day, and they are not all coming from Latin America. A significant number of border crossers come from the Middle East and some are on the government’s Terrorist Watch List. No nation can absorb those numbers indefinitely without endangering its sovereignty.

2024 may be the year in which PresidentJoe Biden's insane boder policy enables terrorists to cross our southern border and commit a wanton and spectacular act of murder.  I hope not.



I hope 2024 will be the year when Americans take prudent steps to protect our security, our culture, and our way of life. I hope this is the year Americans will stop electing crooks and madmen to public office and quit sending their children to universities that promote racism.


I fear, however, that America will continue along its downward path toward financial and social collapse. If Americans don’t do something this year to remove the crooks from public office, reform our education system, and get our financial house in order, the days of American greatness will be over.



Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows: Preventing the wrong people from running for President


    Over the next year and a half, President Joe Biden will be impacted by several challenging astrological transits.
    -- Transiting Uranus began to square (challenge) his Midheaven and IC axis in mid-April of 2023, and this is in effect until mid-April of 2024. Within this one-year transit, it was — and will be — most impactful at the following times:
    May and June 2023
    December 2023 – early April 2024
    The Midheaven relates to career and professional matters (in the case of celebrities and politicians, it is also the most public-facing part of the chart). The IC relates to home and family matters. Uranus squares bring unexpected and disruptive events.
    Since Uranus is affecting both points of this axis, I don’t know whether its effects will mainly play out through the Midheaven or the IC. But, one thing is certain: whether professionally or in regards to his family, this will be a turbulent time for Joe Biden.
    --Transiting Pluto squared (challenged) his moon from February through July of 2023 and will do so again from January of 2024 to February of 2025. That transit was — and will be — especially powerful at the following times:
    April to June 2023
    January to September 2024
    December 2024 and January 2025
    This transit — one Joe Biden has never experienced before — turns our emotional world upside down. At minimum, it is emotionally overwhelming. In some cases, it can also bring health challenges.

    --Saturn will cross his IC (and oppose his Midheaven) from May to August of 2024 and then again in February and March of 2025. Saturn crossing the IC (which happens approximately every 28 years) usually corresponds to at least one major significant ending in our life. There is a strong sense that a particular chapter (or book) has reached a permanent conclusion.
    As I always explain to clients in private readings, astrologers are not psychics. When we forecast (I never use the word “predicting”; I find it hokey and cliché) and talk about transits and cycles, we address themes that will arise. We can not, with certainty, ever say “this is exactly what is going to happen to you.”
    I cannot “predict” anything. What I can say is that this particular combination of transits could point to any (or all) of the following themes emerging for him over the next two and a half years:
    A very difficult period for his political career
    The end of his political career
    A disruptive family event that takes a significant emotional toll on him
    A significant decline in health