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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bernie needs a campaign theme song! I recommend "My Wife Thinks You're Dead" by Junior Brown

The New York Democratic Primary confirms a suspicion I've held for a long time: New Yorkers are not as smart as they think they are. A million of 'em voted for Hillary--incredible! No doubt thousands of Hillary supporters have fancy degrees from places like Cornell, Columbia, Harvard, and Yale. And that confirms another suspicion of mine: Ivy Leaguers aren't as smart as they think they are either.

But the New York Democratic primaries are over, and Bernie's supporters must keep moving forward. Or as they say in Oklahoma, it is not yet time to call the dogs home and douse the campfire.

But I do think Bernie's campaign could use a little extra juice right now.  I think he needs a campaign theme song--something like Louisiana Governor Jimmy Davis's signature song: "You Are My Sunshine," which Governor Davis wrote.

Somehow I don't think Bernie is a song writer, so he will need to adopt something already written. Here's my vote for Bernie's campaign theme song: "My Wife Thinks You're Dead," written and sung by Junior Brown.

I'm posting some of the lyrics to this great song, which I modified a bit. Please go online, listen to Junior Brown's version, and then, if you agree, contact Bernie's campaign headquarters and let Bernie's team know you support me on this.  Don't let me down. This is important!

My Wife Thinks You're Dead

It's good to see you [Hillary] it's been a long long while
We're both a whole lot older and seen a lot of miles
But thing are different now since the good ol days
And you've been in some trouble
Since we went our separate ways
We'll have to say hello maybe some other time instead
Cause you're wanted by the police
And my wife thinks you're dead.

Somebody spread the rumor that you had lost your life
Least that's the way I heard it and what I told my wife
Now here you're showing up again and talk is getting round
And I can see that one of us will have to leave this town
If you think that I want trouble
Than you're crazy in your head
Cause you're wanted by the police
And my wife thinks you're dead.

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Junior Brown: "My wife thinks you're dead."