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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jerry Brown endorses Clinton: Governor Moonbeam takes a fall for Crooked Hillary

I've long been a fan of Jerry Brown, Governor of California. He is 78 years old now, but he was 36 years old when he was elected Governor of California back in 1974--the youngest governor of the state in over a hundred years. Brown was a progressive politician then--Governor Moonbeam they called him. I admired his politics when I was a youth, and I would have voted for him if I'd been given an opportunity back when he ran for President in 1976.  He once dated Linda Ronstadt, and I gave him a lot of points for that.

But like the movie character Peter Pan, played by Robin Williams, Jerry grew up, and he started listening to what the grownups say. Now, one week before the California primary election, Jerry comes out for Crooked Hillary.

I feel sorry for Jerry Brown. He had a chance to make an important moral statement but he choked. He did what the Democratic political bosses wanted him to do.

Surely Jerry knows the old world is passing away. The status quo won't last forever. Jerry could have joined the Sanders revolution and remained true to the ideals of his younger days.

But Jerry Brown lost his nerve. At this crisis point in American history, Jerry turned out to be just an old man.

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Jerry Brown: Unfortunately, Peter Pan grew up

Jerry and Linda Ronstadt: Those were the days


Jerry Brown. Open Letter to California Democrats and Independents, May 31, 2016.