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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

The Spanish Inquisition comes to Manhattan: The Trump hush money trial

A New York jury convicted President Trump on 34 felony counts for a bookkeeping bookkeeping error connected to hush money Trump paid to a porn star. He will be sentenced later this summer.

As James Howard KunstlerAlan Dershowitz, and others have observed, Trump was convicted by a kangaroo court in a show trial reminiscent of the justice system in Stalinist Russia

Judge Juan Merchan was obviously biased and should have recused himself. 

Prejudice towards President Trump runs rampant in Manhattan, and he was entitled to a change of venue

Trump’s conduct was, at worst, a simple misdemeanor, and the statute of limitations expired on the alleged offense. Only through tortured legal reasoning were prosecutors able to bootstrap a trivial matter into a felony, thereby extending the statutory deadline for prosecution. 

Judge Merchan tainted the entire proceedings by allowing Stormy Daniels's salacious testimony, testimony that was irrelevant to the charges against the President.

In essence, Donald Trump was subjected to a modern-day Spanish Inquisition. The trial was a political event obviously designed to keep him from returning to the White House. The mainstream media cheered and jeered like a Jacobin mob during the French Revolution.

About half the nation hates President Trump and enjoys seeing him humiliated. But we should all remember that a fair and unbiased judicial system is the foundation of democracy and a safe and secure society. What happened to President Trump can happen to anyone. It could happen to you.

The Spanish Inquisition: Now showing in a theater near you.