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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

The Dixie Apocalypse: An Aventure Tale About Post-Apocalyptic Texas

In this near-future, post-apocalyptic novel, retired lawyer-turned-professor Willoughby Burns finds himself trying to survive against hunger and deadly threats in southern Louisiana. The Dixie Apocalypse takes place in an America ravaged by natural disasters, lack of petroleum, plagues, and terrorism. What is left of the United States is controlled by martial law. Life itself becomes primitive and favors those who can grow their own food or handle firearms. 

Will befriends US General Merski stationed in Baton Rouge, LA, and founds a farming community of fifty farms on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River due south of downtown Baton Rouge. General Merski enlists Will as a civilian commissary officer in charge of carrying out errands for his troops without arousing suspicion. Readers join Will on his travels through Louisiana and Texas as he seeks to establish a sense of order and peace in the South.

Midway through the novel, Willoughby, a native Texan, meets Cole Goodnight. a descendant of Charlie Goodnight, and together, they organize a movement for Texas to leave the United States and become an independent nation governed by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The Dixie Apocalypse is a fast-moving adventure tale with touches of humor and a happy ending. It is also an affectionate tribute to the popular culture of Texas with its rich heritage, vibrant music, and distinguished cuisine. The book can be purchased on