Monday, September 11, 2017

The Student-Loan Catastrophe: Postcards From the Rubble. On sale at AMAZON.COM for $13.50

For many Americans, student loans are a necessary evil. The average incoming college freshman understands little of the long-term impact of repayment plans. With millions defaulting on their loans, there’s no doubt about it: the federal student loan program is a bubble—it’s just that no one knows when it will burst. But when it does, it could be a disaster akin to the 2008 real estate crash.

In this series of revelatory essays, author and professor Richard Fossey delves into the political muck to deliver hard truths about the federal student loan program. In-depth analysis sheds light on just how pervasive the crisis is and what average loan holders can do about their balances.

With unique insight and no-holds-barred honesty, Fossey brings readers tales from the front lines of the student loan crisis. Learn about the heartless Social Security garnishment of senior citizens who default on their loans and the link between suicide and student loans.

Whether you’re in search of cautionary tales to share with your college student or seeking solutions to your own mounting student loan debt, The Student Loan Catastrophe: Postcards from the Rubble is your guide to stability in the face of an uncertain future.

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