Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Ukraine attacks Moscow; Americans obsess on transgender participation in women's sports

The movie Shane, released in 1953, is a classic Western movie that depicts the struggle between good and evil. The good guys are homesteaders who want to establish farms and peacefully raise their families. The bad guys are cattlemen who hire an assassin to drive off the homesteaders.

Stonewall Torrey (played by Elijah Cook, Jr.) is a hapless homesteader who boasts to his friends that he’s not afraid of the assassin, and he straps on his revolver and rides to town. In the town's saloon, Torrey meets the assassin (played by Jack Palance). The killer taunts and insults Torrey until he foolishly goes for his gun. The assassin kills Torrey with one bullet.

America is replaying the movie Shane. The United States is the foolish and bombastic Torrey, and Russia is the assassin waiting for an opportunity to strike.

A couple of days ago, Ukrainian drones attacked the suburbs of Moscow. Who believes the Ukrainians took that provocative action without the approval and cooperation of the United States? 

What in the hell are we doing? Does our government believe it can arm the Ukrainians with sophisticated weapons that have killed perhaps 100,000 Russian soldiers without suffering repercussions?

America’s media elites, intellectual elites, and government technocrats may think it’s fun to poke the Russian bear. If war breaks out between Russia and the United States, it will be the kids living in flyover country who will do the fighting. 

But perhaps the boobs who are running our government have miscalculated. Have they forgotten that we’re messing with a nuclear power?

Meanwhile, Americans obsess about transgender participation in women’s sports and drag queens in school libraries. How long will the Russians put up with our foolish dabbling in Eastern European affairs?

I oppose American involvement in the Ukraine war.  I can see no positive outcome for anybody.


  1. The statement about Vietnam is not accurate, at least for Yale graduates.

    1. Thank you for pointing out my error. i made the correction in my essay. I was surprised at the number of Yale men who died in Vietnam. i was writing with incorrect information. I'm grateful to you for setting me straight.

  2. The statement about Vietnam is not accurate in regard to Harvard graduates.

  3. Thanks for the info. Ill check out your reference, Thanks for writing,

  4. There is a fantastic documentary series by Adam Curtis called "TraumaZone" on the final days of the USSR, documenting the cynicism of the population with old news footage he found in BBC archives. By the end, nobody genuinely believed the Soviet system worked, and they were all just playing along.

  5. Thanks for the tip. There are some great movies about Stalinist Russia. Mr. Jones is a movie about the Holodomor in Ukraine.