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Sunday, June 9, 2024

WaPo's Jennifer Rubin defends President Biden's judgment

 Today, Jennifer Rubin published an op-ed essay in the Washington Post defending President Joe Biden's judgment. Despite his advanced age and elderly gait, Rubin argues that Biden's judgment is sound and far better than that of Donald Trump.

In sum, she writes:

At the most basic level, Biden . . . can discern friends, revers the military, understands the value of alliances, generally hires capable advisors, puts together complex legislative deals and exhibits inexhaustible empathy for other's suffering.

Furthermore, Rubin maintains that Biden "complies with the legal process . . ., follows Supreme Court decisions . . . , and engages in successful international diplomacy." 

Rubin's paean to Joe Biden is just another sign that the East Coast media elites and I live on different planets. I see Joe Biden as nothing more than a cognitively diminished political hack who can barely read his cue cards, and at least half of America shares my view.

Let's look at Rubin's list of Biden's shining virtues:

Can Biden "discern friend from foe"? Not really. He's betrayed Israel, apparently incapable of grasping the fact that the Israelis are fighting for their very existence in Gaza.

Does he "revere[] the military"? Not enough to oversee an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan, where the U.S. left the Taliban in control of the country after twenty years of warfare.

Does he "understand[] the value of alliances"? No, he has followed Barack Obama's disastrous policy of baiting the Russians, thereby dragging our NATO allies to the verge of nuclear war in Europe.

Has he chosen "capable advisors"? You decide: Kamala HarrisPete Buttigieg, Alejandro Mayorkas, Rachel Levine?

Does he comply with the legal process? Our open border answers that question.

Has he "engage[d] in successful international diplomacy"? Obviously not, or the U.S. wouldn't be presiding over two wars, not to mention missile attacks on the American military by Iran's proxies. 

And then there's inflation, a ballooning national debt, and Biden's nutso transgender agenda.

I'm sorry, Jennifer, but Joe Biden has terrible judgment, and millions of Americans agree with me. Fortunately for Biden and the media elites, Biden's most strident critics live in Flyover Country, and who cares what those folks think?