Monday, July 1, 2024

Baby, Baby, Baby, We're Out of Time: Biden or Trump--We Are Toast

You're out of touch, my baby,
My poor, unfaithful baby,
I said, baby, baby, baby,
You're out of time
Out of Time
Rolling Stones (1966)

King Kong, a symbol of brute force and unpredictability (Donald Trump), and Godzilla, a representation of experience and stability (Joe Biden), engaged in a fierce battle on an Atlanta debate stage last Thursday night. CNN declared King Kong the victor, a decision echoed by the New York Times, potentially shifting public opinion.

Regrettably, both pugilistic debaters may have run out of time to sway American voters. Trump squandered a golden opportunity to present himself as a composed and thoughtful leader, while Biden failed to instill confidence in his mental acuity.

Concerning three major issues, America is also running out of time. First, we urgently need a national leader to guide us out of our proxy war with Russia, a task that cannot be delayed.

Second, we're running out of time to secure the nation's southern border. Biden doesn't want to do it, and Trump may be so tied up in litigation and political warfare that he might be unable to do what he repeatedly promises.

Third, our president, whoever that might be, must make a rigorous effort to get our national debt under control, or the U.S. dollar, which serves as the global standard for international trade, will lose its status as the world's reserve currency. But we may be out of time on that issue as well. Commitments to Medicare, Social Security, and national defense are so overwhelming that we may never be able to balance our nation's budget.

Trump or Biden? I'm at a loss. I'm even considering throwing my vote away and casting my ballot for RFK Jr. After all, it may not matter who wins the presidential election because, baby, baby, baby, we're out of time.

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