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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Rats swimming toward a sinking ship: Paul Krugman certifies Biden's Mental Acuity

 The only instance of a rat swimming towards a sinking ship.

Winston Churchill

Paul Krugman has joined the growing crowd of sycophants who earnestly argue that President Biden has all his marbles. "As anyone who has recently spent time with Biden (and I have) can tell you," Krugman writes, "he is in full possession of his faculties--completely lucid and with excellent grasp of detail." Indeed, Krugman avers that Biden has been "a remarkably effective president."

Krugman, who was awarded a Nobel Prize in economics, even admits that Biden's judgment about the recent debt ceiling crisis was better than his own. ("[Biden]was right and I was wrong.”)

Whatever you say, Paul. After all, you write for the New York Times, and I'm just a yokel from flyover country. So explain, please, Biden's boast that he will forgive billions of dollars of student debt without costing taxpayers anything. Does that sound right to you?

On a more urgent issue, how can you say that Biden is an effective president when he's bumbled foreign policy in Eastern Europe by stoking a war between Russia and Ukraine—a war that has cost at least a half million casualties and created millions of refugees? A smarter president would have listened to Putin's concerns about Ukraine's admission to NATO and assured Russia that the U.S. is not trying to weaken Russia, which is, after all, a nuclear power.

And if Biden has a world-class mind for economics, why is the U.S. budget deficit $1.7 trillion? And why doesn't he accept some responsibility for addressing our national debt--$34 trillion and growing every day?

And how's that war in Gaza going? Instead of backing Israel, our faithful ally, Biden gives aid and comfort to Hamas by calling for a ceasefire that would only benefit the terrorists.

Before November, it will become apparent to everyone--even you, Paul Krugman, that Biden doesn't have the mental stamina to serve a second term as President or even finish his present term. It will be crystal clear that Krugman and his media buddies have been rats swimming towards a sinking ship.

What will Paul Krugman and the other sycophants in the media elite say then? Will they admit they were wrong to write that Biden is an effective President and that his mind runs like a Swiss watch?

I don't think so. As Winston Churchill observed, "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened."

In other words, when it becomes apparent to people of the meanest intelligence that Biden's presidency has been a disaster for the American people, Krugman and his cronies will blame all our nation's ills on MAGA Republicans.

Which guy is smarter?

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Screw Peoria! The Biden Adminstration Hates the Heartland

 Until recently, “Will it play in Peoria?” was a familiar political aphorism. The question basically asks whether the American Heartland would approve a specific political action.

The Biden administration and the Democratic Party’s goon squads don’t ask that question anymore. Instead, they ask whether their various political activities will insult the Heartland, hurt the middle class economically, or help erode traditional American values. If the answer is yes, then it's full speed ahead!

Here are some examples:

Biden’sbureaucrats advance the bizarre notion that men can compete in women’s varsity sports so long as they identify as being women. Trans women don’t even have to castrate themselves—they just have to change their names and get a feminine haircut.

Another example. President Biden has opened the nation’s southern border to anyone who crosses the Bravo, including human traffickers, drug runners, and young men on the terrorist watch list. Biden’s policy frightens, angers, and demoralizes most Americans—which surely warms the hearts of the Democratic political operatives.

And here's one more example of the Biden team's contempt for Middle America. This year, the Democratic Party began disparaging the presidential primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire. Why? Because the populations of those two states are too white! Biden prefers to start his anemic reelection campaign in South Carolina, where the state’s registered Democrats are not so Caucasian.

Speaking of this year’s presidential campaign, who believes President Biden will be on the ballot this November? I don't. The man suffers from dementia. Next summer, the Democratic Party’s hoodlums will introduce a replacement for ol’ crooked Joe—someone who didn’t bother participating in the state primaries.

Oily-haired Gavin Newsom and the cadaverous Nancy Pelosi breezily affirm that Joe Biden's mental state is just fine, which is their way of saying they have nothing but contempt for the average, everyday American voter. Hey, a demented geriatric is the kind of president that Flyover Country deserves.

But here’s the thing. Americans are beginning to despise the nation’s political class as much as the politicians despise them. You would think that would scare the sleezebags who run our government.

But they’re not worried because they have ballot harvesting down to a science. The Dems are going to win, no matter how the true vote count turns out.

That’s right: The 2024 presidential election will be rigged—just like the 2020 election.  But don't say that out loud, or Fani Willis will arrest you.

Peoria sends its regards.