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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Screw Peoria! The Biden Adminstration Hates the Heartland

 Until recently, “Will it play in Peoria?” was a familiar political aphorism. The question basically asks whether the American Heartland would approve a specific political action.

The Biden administration and the Democratic Party’s goon squads don’t ask that question anymore. Instead, they ask whether their various political activities will insult the Heartland, hurt the middle class economically, or help erode traditional American values. If the answer is yes, then it's full speed ahead!

Here are some examples:

Biden’sbureaucrats advance the bizarre notion that men can compete in women’s varsity sports so long as they identify as being women. Trans women don’t even have to castrate themselves—they just have to change their names and get a feminine haircut.

Another example. President Biden has opened the nation’s southern border to anyone who crosses the Bravo, including human traffickers, drug runners, and young men on the terrorist watch list. Biden’s policy frightens, angers, and demoralizes most Americans—which surely warms the hearts of the Democratic political operatives.

And here's one more example of the Biden team's contempt for Middle America. This year, the Democratic Party began disparaging the presidential primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire. Why? Because the populations of those two states are too white! Biden prefers to start his anemic reelection campaign in South Carolina, where the state’s registered Democrats are not so Caucasian.

Speaking of this year’s presidential campaign, who believes President Biden will be on the ballot this November? I don't. The man suffers from dementia. Next summer, the Democratic Party’s hoodlums will introduce a replacement for ol’ crooked Joe—someone who didn’t bother participating in the state primaries.

Oily-haired Gavin Newsom and the cadaverous Nancy Pelosi breezily affirm that Joe Biden's mental state is just fine, which is their way of saying they have nothing but contempt for the average, everyday American voter. Hey, a demented geriatric is the kind of president that Flyover Country deserves.

But here’s the thing. Americans are beginning to despise the nation’s political class as much as the politicians despise them. You would think that would scare the sleezebags who run our government.

But they’re not worried because they have ballot harvesting down to a science. The Dems are going to win, no matter how the true vote count turns out.

That’s right: The 2024 presidential election will be rigged—just like the 2020 election.  But don't say that out loud, or Fani Willis will arrest you.

Peoria sends its regards.

Friday, August 25, 2023

Georgia Indicts Trump: The Democratic Party’s Operation Barbarossa

In the spring of 1940, Adolf Hitler was in the catbird seat. Nazi Germany had conquered almost all of Europe. France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, and Norway were under the Nazi heel. Fascist Italy was Germany's ally, and Vichy France actively collaborated with the Nazis.

What more could an ambitious dictator want? Still, Hitler wasn't satisfied. In June 1941, he launched Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia.  German troops attacked along an 1800-mile front and captured thousands of square miles of Russian territory. At first, all went well, and the Russians retreated eastward across the steppes and waited for winter.

Then, the Russians counterattacked and drove the Germans all the way back to the cratered streets of Berlin. Millions of people died as a result of Hitler's hubris. And, as we all know, Germany lost the Second World War.

Over the last few months, federal and state prosecutors have indicted Donald Trump, accusing him of election interference and racketeering. Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis filed the latest indictment in a Georgia state court.

I believe the Georgia indictment is the Democratic Party's Operation Barbarossa. Launched with glee and a bully's swagger, this misadventure will only strengthen Donald Trump. The Democrats believe that Trump's legal problems will neutralize him as a political threat. However, persecution has only increased Trump's popularity. He will almost certainly be the Republican Party’s nominee for the presidency next year.

If the Democrats had played by the rules of decency and fair play, Donald Trump would have faded into oblivion like Ross Perot or William Jennings Bryan. Unfortunately, the Democrats made him a martyr.

A lot can change before election night in November of next year. Nevertheless, it appears today that Americans will be forced to choose between President Biden, a demented crook, or Trump to be the next president of the United States. The Democratic Party will be surprised by how people vote when faced with this choice.

The Dems have sown the wind, and they will reap the whirlwind.

The Georgia Indictment of Donald Trump: The Dems' Operation Barbarossa

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Where did Fani Willis go to law school?

 Fani Willis, a Georgia attorney general, filed criminal charges against former President Donald Trump a few days ago. Although the complaint has some bells and whistles, she's essentially charging Trump with challenging the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The last time I checked, the First Amendment guarantees the right of all Americans to state their opinion on political matters. Certainly, it protects a political candidate's right to challenge the results of an election.

And this gives rise to the question: Where did Ms. Willis go to law school?

She graduated from Emory School of Law. Did Emory stop offering courses on constitutional rights?

However, Willis's outrageous conduct can't be explained by the law school she attended. Jack Smith and Alvin Bragg are prosecuting Trump in different venues. And they both got their law degrees from Harvard. Indeed when we examine the credentials of all the attorneys who have contributed to the foul stew of persecution and malicious behavior toward President Trump, we see that many graduated from elite law schools.

I'm no fan of Donald Trump, and I fervently hope he is not the Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election. Nevertheless, it appears more and more likely that he will win the nomination. And surely everyone of sound mind knows that the US Supreme Court will not allow the state of Georgia to imprison a former president or a sitting president on such specious charges as Miss Willis has concocted.

Indeed, the Georgia case against the former president will undoubtedly be removed to federal court. If the case gets assigned to a federal judge who has read the Constitution, most, if not all, of the baloney in Willis's charging documents will be tossed out of court.

A character in one of Cormac McCarthy's novels said that evil has no Plan B because it cannot contemplate the possibility of failure. The Democratic Party is behind all this nonsense against President Trump, and prosecuting him has only made him stronger. 

It needs a plan B but doesn't have one. It needs a plan for removing President Biden and Vice President Harris from office and replacing them with candidates who can win the next presidential election.

Instead, the Democratic Party is playing with fire on both the national and international stage. The world is watching this insanity. The world knows President Joe Biden is a crime boss with dementia. The world knows the United States backed the loser in Russia's war against Ukraine. The world knows that the Biden administration is writing checks on an overdrawn bank account.

Reality will show up in the next few months when the economy collapses, bringing all this craziness to a halt. Many innocent people will suffer before this nation's affairs are straightened out. I fervently hope that the people who suffer most will be the people who created this mess. Curiously, many of these ninnies graduated from the nation's top law schools.